Casino - Crypto Guide 2023

Deposit at Crypto Casinos


More and more casinos are offering cryptocurrencies as deposit and withdrawal methods. Sometimes only cryptocurrencies are offered and no regular deposit and withdrawal methods. Therefore, in this article, we want to explain to you exactly how you can deposit at online casinos with cryptocurrencies. We will also explain in more detail which cryptocurrencies are best suited for this.

Deposit without Cryptowallet

Most people who are new to crypto don't have their own crypto wallet (that's where cryptocurrencies are stored), but that's not a problem even at crypto-only casinos. Most crypto-only casinos also offer the option to buy cryptos with a credit card. Prepaid credit cards such as those from Skrill or Neteller can also be used.

We will process credit card deposits based on that Starda Casino with the Crypto provider MoonPay explain.

After you have registered at Starda, click on "Top up" and then select your desired cryptocurrency. There you will find your deposit address. To buy the cryptocurrency, go to the MoonPay Website. After you have registered with Vavada, click on "Top up" and then select your desired cryptocurrency. There you will find your deposit address. To buy the cryptocurrency, go to the

After a few minutes, your deposit should arrive at the casino. This time varies greatly for the different cryptocurrencies, we will go into more detail later. Unfortunately, the exchange rate at MoonPay is usually around 3-4% worse than the actual exchange rate, and there are also $4 processing fees. A much cheaper alternative would be your own cryptowallet.

Using your own cryptowallet

If you plan to make deposits with cryptocurrencies more often, or to deposit indirectly via bank transfer, it is worth creating an account with a crypto exchange and managing your own crypto wallet there.

We will describe the process of registration and usage in this post based on the platform Bitpanda explain. Verification is done via smartphone, so you can register directly via the Bitpanda app or via the Bitpanda website and only use the smartphone for verification. Of course you can also use any other crypto exchange such as Binance or Coinbase.

Registration with Bitpanda

Open the Bitpanda app on your smartphone or go to the Bitpanda website on your PC, click "Get started now" to go to the registration page. There you enter your name and email address and choose a password.

After submitting the form you will receive a confirmation e-mail, click on the "Confirm e-mail address" button in the e-mail. You will then be asked a few more questions about the origin and amount of your planned deposits. These questions must be asked by default due to EU money laundering guidelines. You have now successfully created your Bitpanda account. In order to be able to deposit, however, you still have to verify yourself.

Verification at Bitpanda

Being verified with Bitpanda is super easy and only takes a few minutes. For verification, first enter your date of birth, address and cell phone number. The cell phone number must then be confirmed with a code via SMS.

In the next step, select which document you would like to use for verification, you can choose from a passport or ID card. In a further step you will be prompted to activate your camera, even if you do not have a webcam on your PC. Click on "Activate camera" and then on "Continue verification on mobile phone". Now you can scan the QR code with your smartphone or request the link via SMS. You can then simply carry out the verification on your smartphone.

Your details will then be confirmed within a few minutes and your account will then be fully verified.

Deposit at Bitpanda

Now, in order to buy cryptocurrencies through Bitpanda, you must first fund your account and make a deposit. A big advantage of Bitpanda are the numerous deposit methods for fiat currencies such as euros and dollars.

The following deposit methods are offered:

  • Bank transfer (real-time transfer also possible)
  • Kreditkarte (Visa, Mastercard)
  • GiroPay
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • EPS
  • Sofort

You can also deposit using cryptocurrency if you already own cryptocurrencies. Even a deposit via Paysafecard is possible via detours, you can deposit the Paysafecard into your Skrill account and then use Skrill as a deposit method at Bitpanda.

We recommend paying in via the classic SEPA transfer, there are no fees for this. If you send your transfer as a real-time transfer, the deposit will be made within 1-3 minutes, with a regular transfer it takes 1-3 working days.

Buy and send crypto at Bitpanda

Almost done, now you are only 2 easy steps away from your casino deposit. To buy a cryptocurrency, simply click on the “Prices” menu item, which lists all the assets that you can buy and sell on Bitpanda. With the search bar you can easily search for your desired cryptocurrency (we recommend Tron or Litecoin, more on that later), click on the "Buy" button on the right of your selection. In the following window enter the amount in euros that you want to deposit at the casino and confirm the purchase. Done, you have now successfully bought your first cryptocurrencies! Now it's just a matter of making the casino deposit.

To do this, you first need the deposit address from the casino, in our example this is it Starda. You can find your deposit address at Vavada if you click on "Top up" and then select your desired cryptocurrency. Make sure that you have selected the same cryptocurrency for the casino and your crypto exchange and that the address matches.

On Bitpanda, click on "Send" in the top right corner and select your purchased cryptocurrency. After entering the deposit address and the amount, the cryptos will be sent immediately. The time it takes for the deposit to reach the casino depends on the chosen cryptocurrency.

Which cryptocurrency should I choose?

Choosing a suitable cryptocurrency is very important at Crypto Casinos, as it is not just about transaction costs and transaction speed. When you deposit at a Crypto Casino using cryptocurrency, your balance is also subject to any exchange rate fluctuations of the chosen currency. For example, if you decide to deposit with Doge-Coin and it loses 50% in value, your casino balance will also be 50% less in value.

Bitcoin (BTC) has the best value stability of all cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately slow transaction speeds, here you sometimes have to wait up to 20 minutes for your deposit. Bitcoin transaction costs are currently around $0.20. Ethereum (ETH) is also not well suited for casino deposits, as the transaction costs are around $3.

Therefore we recommend Tron (TRX) for casino deposits. With Tron, a transaction takes less than a minute and only costs a few cents in fees. However, Tron is not as stable in value as Bitcoin, here you have to decide which property you value more. The classic Litecoin (LTC) would also be an alternative, but a transaction with Litecoin can take up to 5 minutes.

Conclusion about crypto casinos

In conclusion, we can say that more and more casinos are opting for Crypto-Only. On our side are the Vavada and Apes Casino. The majority of casinos now also offer crypto as a deposit method. The topic of crypto is therefore becoming increasingly important.

For many players, the topic of crypto deposits may seem very complicated at first, we hope that we have created a little more clarity with this report. If you have any questions or problems depositing with cryptocurrency, our live support can also help you in this area.