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600$Max. Bonus


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WIN: 4 spins
Credit: - spins

How does our slot work?

The slot pays in the classic 5 line system, just like in the well-known Book of Ra. No symbol counts as a scatter; a combination of lines must enter from the left.

How are the winnings paid out?

If you have won a prize, contact the live support at the bottom right.

Winnings will only be paid out if the account is linked to Twitch.

How do I get more spins?

By subscribing to the newsletter you will receive 10 free spins
Active watching in the team's streams will be rewarded with spins for certain giveaways.

Daily users are rewarded with 10 free spins every 24 hours.

Distribution of profits:

Symbol 3x 4x 5x
Bird nest 1 spins 3 spins 8 spins
Cheese 1 spins 3 spins 12 spins
777 1 spins 4 spins 12 spins
shamrock 2 spins 4 spins 15 spins
Oli 3 spins 5 spins 20 spins
Among Oli 3 spins 5 spins 25 spins
Among Logo 4 spins 6 spins 30 spins
Raw Cash 10$ 25$ 100$